No matter how long you’ve struggled with sleep, I offer new possibilities where you thought there were none.

Let me guide you out of exhaustion into peaceful sleep so you can rise each day with energy to truly enjoy life.

How I can help you...

I’ve been guiding people into restful sleep for sixteen years, so I know what works. I‘ve seen hundreds of people shift into a healthy sleeping pattern within a short period of time with just a few simple changes.

We all have an innate ability to sleep well, but modern life often causes disruption, which leads to a cycle of high stress and sleeplessness.

Let me guide you back to your natural ability to sleep well, so you can experience the deep satisfaction of continuously nourishing sleep.

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After 14 years of insomnia, I was ready to give up.
Ahna gave me my life back.  

Elena Jordon, Film Producer

Ahna helped me realize that having small children doesn’t have to mean no sleep.

Sarah Allen,  Mother of 3

Night-time struggle is gone. I can relax in bed and fall asleep easily, which is a huge relief. Best of all, I wake-up with a smile. 

Paul Johnston, Journalist

Ahna’s presentation was the perfect combination of message, style and spirit. Since the event I’ve had countless positive comments on her keynote. 

Gary Bertwistle, Speaker and Author

My latest thoughts on sleep

Why dusk is a natural sleep aid

September 28, 2016

Sleep comes naturally when we follow the natural rhythm of light and dark. Artificial light tricks our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime, while dim light signals our bodies to start producing relaxing hormones, which help us unwind and fall asleep easily. Minimise your exposure to light after dusk and experiment with soft lighting to see how it affects […]

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