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No matter how long you’ve struggled with sleep, I offer new possibilities where you thought there were none.

My presentations, book and audio recordings provide practical support that makes an immediate difference.

Let me guide you out of the cycle of high-stress and sleeplessness so you can honour your need for rest, fall asleep with ease and rise each day with the energy to truly enjoy life.

Meet The Sleep Muse


  • It was a pleasure to work with you at the 2014 Day of Inspiration. Your presentation was the perfect combination of style, message and spirit. There were many beautiful moments throughout your presentation and following the event I’ve had countless comments on you and your keynote.

    Gary Bertwistle – Author, speaker and founder of The Tour de Cure

  • Our members are still raving about the keynote Ahna gave at our AGM a year ago—they loved it and think she’s utterly awesome.

    Administrative Professionals Group, New Zealand

  • Ahna delivered many seminars on stress reduction and sleep improvement for our company over five years. She proved to be able to work with a broad range of people—from the industrial floor to the boardroom—she could relate to them all. I’ve recommended Ahna to many people in my personal world and have always had nothing but wonderful feedback about her and her work.

    Annette Milligan – Director of Ramazzini Work Place Health and Safetly

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Why dusk is a natural sleep aid Sleep comes naturally when we follow the natural rhythm of light and dark. Artificial light tricks our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime, while dim light signals our bodies to start producing relaxing hormones, which help us unwind and fall asleep easily. Minimise your exposure to light after dusk and experiment with...

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