Empower your team to thrive.

Ahna’s keynotes and seminars give attendees practical skills they can use immediately to improve sleep, build resilience and enhance productivity.

Ahna’s presentations encapsulate sixteen years of experience in an engaging balance of theory and interaction – packed with valuable tips and tools that create positive change, attendees learn:

  • Simple strategies for getting off the high-stress wheel
  • Why sleep is our most powerful resource for resilience and productivity
  • How to avoid the most common sleep hazards
  • Practical skills that make winding down and falling asleep easy
  • How to wake up feeling energetic and productive

Give your team the support and training they need to build resilience and be at their best.


Previous Client's Include:

What clients are saying

  • Ahna delivered many seminars on stress reduction and sleep improvement for our company over five years. She proved to be able to work with a broad range of people—from the industrial floor to the boardroom—she could relate to them all. I’ve recommended Ahna to many people in my personal world and have always had nothing but wonderful feedback about her and her work.

    Annette Milligan – Director of Ramazzini Work Place Health and Safetly

  • I gained more benefit from listening to Ahna for one hour than I did from a dozen sessions with a psychologist.

    Sergeant from Police Headquarters, New Zealand

  • It was a pleasure to work with you at the 2014 Day of Inspiration. Your presentation was the perfect combination of style, message and spirit. There were many beautiful moments throughout your presentation and following the event I’ve had countless comments on you and your keynote.

    Gary Bertwistle – Author, speaker and founder of The Tour de Cure

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