Empower your team to thrive.

Ahna’s keynotes and seminars give attendees practical skills they can use immediately to improve sleep, build resilience and enhance productivity.

Ahna’s presentations encapsulate sixteen years of experience in an engaging balance of theory and interaction – packed with valuable tips and tools that create positive change, attendees learn:

  • Simple strategies for getting off the high-stress wheel
  • Why sleep is our most powerful resource for resilience and productivity
  • How to avoid the most common sleep hazards
  • Practical skills that make winding down and falling asleep easy
  • How to wake up feeling energetic and productive

Give your team the support and training they need to build resilience and be at their best.


Previous Client's Include:

What clients are saying

  • Your workshop was excellent and helped make the conference a great success—clearly engaging attendees and sending them away with many valuable tools and concepts to enhance their personal lives.

    Professor Robert Nordlinger – Chairman at The Executive Connection (TEC)

  • Our staff found Ahna’s seminar helpful and enjoyable. They liked her presentation style, her soothing voice (I’ve never seen so many comments about a facilitator’s voice on feedback forms), and how she incorporated both physical and emotional aspects of stress management and sleep improvement. She taught some very practical tools that have had a lasting effect.

    Erika Halsegger – Human Resources Adviser, Nelson City Council

  • Ahna presented a dynamic keynote to my staff and they’ve all commented on the positive impact it’s had on their health and productivity. I personally found it life changing and the additional energy I have as a result is fantastic.

    Mark Borg
– Principal of MBA Financial Strategists

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