Great sleep makes us better people—

Better decision makers, better friends and parents, better at coping with stress and yet 70% of Australians are missing out.

Deep rest is vital for our wellbeing and sense of satisfaction, yet with the demands of modern life, many of us struggle to settle down and sleep deeply. A recent national study shows 70% of Australian adults get less sleep than they need to be at their best.

When we’re constantly exhausted, it’s easy to believe that’s how it’s always going to be—but it doesn't have to be that way. Sleeping well is a skill that can be learned. With the relevant knowledge and a few practical skills, your experience of sleep can be deeply rejuvenating.

Ahna’s sleep presentations are engaging and uplifting with an irresistible spark of life that changes lives quickly and fundamentally.



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Ahna’s talks and workshops enhance any event or retreat with a unique approach to a universal topic. With her warm style and practical tips, Ahna offers life-changing content people need to make changes easily and immediately. Give your audience the gift of greater wellbeing and an encouraging reminder of what’s truly important at the end of the day.

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Are you a forward-thinking business or larger organisation wanting to energise and motivate your team and boost your bottom line? Ahna’s personalised corporate presentations are equally relevant in the boardroom or on the industrial floor. Learn more about Ahna’s empowering seminars and leadership development programs by clicking here.

There's no doubt Ahna is a force for nature. Her message, her amazing tone, her stories and the powerful care she brings to every speech and interview makes you want to relax, recharge and prepare to be your best. Everyone wants the silver bullet, well it's sleep folks and Ahna is the expert. Ahna brings an essential, beautiful and empowering message that helps people in all parts of the world.

Gary Bertwistle

Author, speaker and founder of Tour de Cure


You can have great sleep and a richer life.
Ahna will show you how to get there.

  • Simple strategies for getting off the high-stress wheel
  • Why sleep is our most powerful resource for resilience and productivity
  • How to avoid the most common sleep hazards
  • Practical skills that make winding down and falling asleep easy
  • How to wake up feeling energetic and productive

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