The Sleep & Dream Kit helps kids
fall asleep with ease

It can be difficult for kids to unwind from the stimulation of modern life. The Sleep & Dream Kit teaches seven ways to calm their mind and body and feel relaxed in bed.

By reading the book or listening to the audio the whole experience of bedtime becomes an easeful transition to dreamland. They’re guided to make friends with the dark, release negative emotions, play the softness game and imagine gentle voices as they fall asleep.

These are skills they’ll use throughout their lives to create a peaceful inner world and to sleep well.


What’s included in the kit?

A visually relaxing full-colour book written in simple, encouraging language. Each of the seven sections introduces a self-calming skill that kids learn naturally as they engage with the book.

An audio track that guides the listener to sleep using the principles in the book. The rhythm of the gently spoken words is calming and reassuring. This recording comes on an easy-to-use MP3 player that includes earphones and a USB charger cable.

For every book sold a book is donated to a charity that supports abused and neglected children.


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  • The moment I held this little book in my hands I knew my kids would love it. I didn’t realize I’d love it too!

    Geraldine Karr – Mother of 3

  • I used to hate being in bed on my own, but now it’s okay because I know what to do when I feel scared. I love having my heart friend with me.

    Jewel O’Shea – Age 6

  • When I listen to Ahna I feel soft, like a sleepy cloud.

    Ray Elliot – Age 8

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