Let me guide you out of exhaustion, into peaceful sleep
so you can wake each day with energy to truly enjoy life.

However long you’ve struggled with sleep, I offer new possibilities where you thought there were none.

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Better sleep for adults

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I seldom make it past the first ten minutes of Ahna’s Audio Guide before I'm deeply asleep. 

Radha Baird, Student


Ahna’s voice is like warm honey. 

Kerryn Shaw, Mother of two


I listen to Ahna’s Audio guide when I wake up in the night. Her voice is so calming I’ve only heard the end once.

Rick Smith, Trainer


Ahna’s voice is deeply comforting, like a wise friend who gently guides me when my mind can find no rest.

Jon Gibbons, Philanthropist


Helping you sleep well

We all have an innate ability to sleep well, but modern life often causes disruption, which leads to high-stress and sleeplessness.

I’ve been guiding people into restful sleep for sixteen years—so I know what works. I‘ve seen hundreds of people shift to a healthy sleeping pattern with a few simple changes.

You can return to your natural ability to sleep well and experience the deep satisfaction of continuously nourishing sleep.


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