Hi, I’m Ahna and I’m here to help you sleep well.

Many of us have forgotten how to relax because our culture doesn’t support the need for rest – hence the global epidemic of high-stress and sleeplessness.

I struggled with insomnia for eleven exhausting years that ended in complete burnout. I went to several doctors who offered pills, but I didn’t want to take pills to sleep. Sleeplessness was a sign that something was wrong and I wanted to know what it was. I was determined to take responsibility for my wellbeing and live in a way that enabled me to thrive.

I learnt several forms of natural medicine, which created huge shifts in my health. I also attended a meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains of Australia where I experienced a quiet mind for the first time. The peace and quality of sleep that followed was life changing. I started waking up with so much energy, it naturally overflowed to others.

I began sharing what I'd learnt with others by coaching individuals and then presenting seminars and talks. That was 16 years ago. I’ve now worked in Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand with people from all walks of life.

I’ve witnessed hundreds of people falling asleep and always find it breathtaking to see their anxiety dissolve into a state of total surrender. This has shown me that we’re all very tender inside, no matter how hard the exterior appears.

Sleep is a gift we receive when we allow our bodies to relax and our minds to become quiet. We are given dreams. We are repaired. We awaken refreshed.

Let me guide you into the deep satisfaction of continuously nourishing sleep and a life brimming with vitality.



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