Help your children fall asleep easily
and enjoy relaxing bedtimes

A gentle sleep kit that makes bedtime a breeze

The stimulation of modern life makes it difficult for children to unwind and fall asleep, which causes stress for everyone at a time when rest is needed.

The Sleep Kit for Kids transforms bedtime from a battle of wills to a nurturing time of settling down so your kids can fall asleep with ease.


What’s included in the Sleep Kit?

This unique sleep aid for kids is the result of eleven years as a practising sleep therapist, combined with my own experience of recovering from insomnia as a child. It includes;

  • A beautiful full-colour book written in gentle, encouraging language. Each of the seven sections imparts a self-calming skill that children learn naturally as they engage with the book.
  • An easy-to-use mini-speaker with an audio track that guides children to sleep. Softly spoken words calm and reassure with a soothing rhythm.

The Speaker comes with a USB charger cable. 

I just read the first few pages of your gorgeous book to the boys and they were out like little lights. It’s a truly wonderful resource that calms me down as much as them!

Anna Wilde, Mother of 2

I used to hate being in bed on my own, but now it’s okay because I know what to do when I feel scared. I love having my heart friend with me.

Jewel O'shea, Age 6

I’m a skeptic, so I was doubtful when I started reading the Sleep & Dream book to my son. At page two he asked me to slow down so he could follow along and by page four he was asleep. This book has real tools and tons of heart.

Matt Price - Landscape Architect

Sometimes I feel upset about what happened during the day and it’s hard to fall asleep. When I do what it says in the Sleep & Dream book it helps me feel better and then I fall asleep, like magic.

Joshua Lee, Age 9

The moment I held this little book in my hands I knew my kids would love it. I didn’t realise I’d love it too!

Geraldine Karr – Mother of 3

Make bedtime easier

How the Sleep Kit works

Children are guided to make friends with the dark, release negative emotions and play the softness game as they relax more and more into sleep. 

The Mp3 player is very simple, without a distracting screen or alternative things to do or play. The gentle voice leads them through a progressive relaxation, using the principles in the book.

How Children Benefit

Calming down and falling asleep are skills that can be learnt from a young age. When using The Sleep Kit, children learn how to quiet their minds, relax their bodies and prepare for sleep.

Being in bed becomes enjoyable because they're able to calm themselves, which brings a sense of security and safety. These are skills they’ll use throughout their lives to create a peaceful inner world and sleep well.

How Parents Benefit

Many parents feel at a loss and overwhelmed when it comes to bedtime, because it's been an exhaustingly stressful issue for so long. This can can change with some new, soothing skills and proven techniques.

Imagine having the burden of never-ending bedtimes lifted, so you can do something nourishing for yourself instead of spending the night in your child's room or with your ear to their door.


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