Fall asleep with ease
and wake up energised

Imagine being gently guided into deep sleep

Lie down, press play and enjoy a soothing voice that guides you to:

  • Slow down racing thoughts
    The calming rhythm quiets your mind
  • Release frustration and fear
    The comforting voice guides you into deep relaxation
  • Enjoy your bed
    Softly-spoken words help you enjoy the transition to sleep
  • Learn how to fall asleep on your own
    As you listen, you'll learn self-calming skills you can use forever

Ahna’s voice is deeply comforting, like a wise friend who gently guides me when my mind can find no rest.

Jon Gibbons, Philanthropist


I seldom make it past the first ten minutes of Ahna’s Audio Guide before I'm deeply asleep. 

Radha Baird, Student


I listen to Ahna’s Audio guide when I wake up in the night. Her voice is so calming I’ve only heard the end once.

Rick Smith, Trainer


Ahna’s voice is like warm honey. 

Kerryn Shaw, Mother of two

I want you to be completely satisfied

If this audio guide doesn't help you relax deeply in bed and fall asleep with more ease, I'll give you a full refund within 10 days of purchase.

Why listen to me?

I've been guiding people to sleep for sixteen years in my private practice as a Sleep Therapist. After receiving endless requests for a recording to take home to bed, I set out to make the best audio sleep guide on the planet. I reviewed hundreds of client notes to see what worked for the majority of people, and created this audio from that evidence-based research. I made it sound as if I am right there with you, in the same reassuring and comforting way I am in person.

You were born with an innate ability to sleep well. With a little support, you can look forward to going to bed and falling asleep with ease. 


Ahna de Vena

Sleep well tonight and wake up energised!


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